Bioenergy Europe’s role: Project Leader



BASIS engaged with bioenergy project developers and investors, providing them with a comprehensive view on the sustainable supply and competition for wood chip boilers, using intuitive regional maps of all EU member states. Information on wood supply potential combined with existing use of wood chips and sustainability aspects influencing such supply is processed on the basis of a sound methodology.


  • Provided in-depth information on the regional supply and demand situation of wood chips by combining the estimated available potential with actual consumption data based on the identification of bioenergy plants (above 1 MW) using wood chips and other wood chip consumers in the same region.
  • Sustainability dimensions of the supply were considered with several environmental criteria from a project developer point of view. BASIS helped to reduce and address sustainability risk and evaluated the efficiency of using biomass. This information collected will be condensed in a comprehensive and easy to use GIS tool.

Target groups: Bioenergy project developers, feedstock suppliers and Investors, national and European policy makers.

Project website:

Project leader interview: HERE

Duration: 2013 – 2016