Bioenergy Europe’s role: Project Partner



BioAlgaeSorb focused on enabling European SMEs to remediate waste, reduce Green House Gas emissions and produce biofuels via microalgae cultivation. The project developed the production and exploitation of algae biomass together with the production of valuable bio-products/co-products using a biorefinery approach. The production of algae and its use for biofuels whilst valorising the co-products would not only reduce GHG emissions but would also address a number of issues such as fresh water supply (microalgae require far less fresh water than any other crop), and provide useful co-products such as bioplastics , raw materials for chemicals etc.


  • Increase knowledge on the bioconversion of industrial and agricultural/aquacultural effluents to microalgae biomass, as a sustainable raw material for biofuels and other value added applications;
  • Provide new carbon neutral fuel sources for biomass power plants and biodiesel manufacture;
  • Provide new sources of sustainable and carbon neutral high quality fine chemicals extracted from microalgae biomass;
  • Reduce emissions of CO2 to the atmosphere from fossil fuel power plants and other industrial processes reliant on combustion of fossil fuels;
  • Reduce the nutrient loading of effluent waters from livestock production systems which are responsible for the largest proportion of organic waste in Europe, including most ammonia emissions;
  • Increase know-how and competence within a range of European SME-dominated industries.

Target groups: European SMEs

Project website: not active

Project Duration: 2010 – 2013