Bioenergy Europe’s role: Project Leader



The project BioGrace-II harmonised calculations of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for electricity, heating and cooling from biomass. The project builds upon the earlier (2010-2012) IEE-project BioGrace which harmonised GHG calculations for biofuels for transport.


  • Built an Excel-based tool for GHG calculations for electricity and heating from biomass;
  • Convinced relevant policy makers from at least 6 Member States (six target countries: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands and UK) to choose for harmonisation and use the same tool or the same approach. The 6 Member States included those that have introduced sustainability criteria for solid biomass or are considering doing so;
  • Involved companies and ensured that the GHG calculation tool met their wishes. BioGrace-II also ensured that verifiers (also called auditors or inspectors) are trained on how to verify GHG emission calculations both for biofuels and for electricity and heat from biomass.

Target groups: Biomass feedstock producers, companies that convert feedstock into intermediate and final products (eg wood pellets, heat and electricity) and companies that distribute, sell and use these products.

Project website:

Project Leader Interview: HERE

Project Duration: 2012 – 2015