Bioenergy Europe’s role: Project Leader



The ENCROP project promoted the production and use of energy crops in Europe.


ENCROP promoted the production and utilisation of lignocellulosic energy crops at the European level. The project aimed at increasing the knowledge of different actors along the energy crop production chain, as well as the general public, on the ecological, technical, economic, logistic and administrative matters related to energy crop production and utilisation. The project focused on the two most prominent pathways for application at European level for the conversion of lignocellulosic energy crop biomass to biofuels and/ or energy: direct combustion and conversion into biogas.


  • Published result-oriented report “Energy from field energy crops- Sustainable energy production with direct combustion or biogas technology”;
  • National handbooks (in Finnish, Swedish, German, Italian and Spanish) for investors and major users of agrobiomass (power plants, CHP, DHP) have been published. The national handbooks describe in detail the energy from crops production chain in the respective country, covering aspects of crop cultivation, harvesting, storage, pre-treatment, logistics and conversion to energy;
  • Several tailor-made training courses (theoretical and practical lessons) have been organised for managers from energy companies, for example responsible of procurement and logistics of fuels. The objective was to increase the knowledge and understanding of using energy crops as fuel for energy production. Altogether ~ 300 persons were trained during the project
  • Several bio-energy success stories have been compared and analysed to gain common recommendations for initiating further bio-energy success stories. An extent report “Best Practice – Business Models for Bio-energy Success Stories” has been published;
  • To facilitate the development of the market for the energy crop production and utilisation all partners organised meetings with producers and users of agrobiomass, investigated successfull business and contract models and offered advice services.

Target Groups: Actors along the energy crop production chain, as well as the general public.

Project website: not active

Project Duration: 2007-2009