Bioenergy Europe’s role: Project Partner



The QualiCert project helped the implementation of the RES Directive’s requirement according to which Member States should ensure that certification schemes are available by 31.12.2012 for installers of small-scale biomass boilers & stoves, solar PV, solar thermal systems, shallow geothermal systems and heat pumps.


QualiCert stands for “Common quality certification and accreditation for installers of small-scale renewable energy (RE) systems”. In line with Member States (MS) obligations arising from the Directive on RE sources, QualiCert proposes a concerted action on certification and accreditation of installers of small-scale building-integrated RE systems. The action addresses the Directive’s requirement of certification schemes in each MS that obey to a set of similar criteria and recognise each other’s certification. To guarantee broadest possible support to the future accreditation and certification scheme, QualiCert relies on an interdisciplinary multi-stakeholder approach involving builders, installers, training providers, accrediting bodies, the European RE industry, and a number of national energy agencies. This EU-wide concerted approach will allow going beyond national discussion to have a result-oriented outcome based on the best identified methodology valid for EU-27. QualiCert addresses also the market need for a comprehensive system to certify installers to guarantee quality installations and satisfied customers, which in turn will spur further market deployment.


  • Assessment of the performance of existing schemes for accreditation of training and certification of installers of small scale RES systems in building EU-wide;
  • Validation of success criteria with stakeholders groups and development of a manual of success criteria addressing technical, legal, institutional, financial and communication aspects;
  • Adoption of a common approach to accreditation and certification schemes for installers of small-scale RE systems in 5 EU Member States (FR, AT, IT, PL, GR) with mutual recognition of the schemes;
  • Facilitation of implementation of accreditation and certification schemes based on the join approach in the 5 MS;
  • Transfer of results to promote replication of the approach in other EU Member States.

Target Groups: Installers

Project website: not active

Project Duration: 2009 – 2011