Bioenergy Europe’s role: Project Partner



The SolidStandards project facilitates the uptake of European quality standards within the solid biofuel industry and contributes to the further development of standards.



In the SolidStandards project, solid biofuel industry players have been informed and trained in the field of standards and certification and their feedback has been collected and provided to the related standardisation committees and policy makers. The core of the action has been the organisation of 37 training events for producers and end-users of solid biofuels. The trainings aimed at increasing the target groups’ ability to implement quality and sustainability standardisation and certification. The consortium worked with 7 selected solid biofuel companies and supported them in implementing European quality standards. The process has been documented and served as a guideline for standard implementation. In order to contribute to the discussion on binding sustainability criteria for solid biofuels, project activities include the analysis of sustainability certification systems in case studies in order to assess their applicability in practice.

Target Groups:Solid biofuel industry players, European and national standardisation committees and policy makers.

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Project Duration: 2011 – 2014