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In short

GoodChips® is a certification launched in 2018 by Bioenergy Europe with the aim of guaranteeing the quality of the wood chips and hog fuel on the European market.

GoodChips® is the first international certification of its kind to set specific quality specifications for these fuels, facilitating easier trade between countries. Like ENplus®, GoodChips® aims to create a common understanding of what quality means for these woody fuels and ensure their standardisation.

GoodChips® operates as a third party certification, meaning that an independent certification body assesses company compliance with the requirements of the scheme.

Bioenergy Europe is the owner and manager of the certification, acting as the international point of contact for the stakeholders involved. It safeguards the integrity of the certification by monitoring the correct use of the trademark, continuously improving the scheme, and providing support to companies and end-users.


  • Ensuring the quality of the wood chips and hog fuel produced, traded and used in Europe thanks to standards agreed and recognised by biomass players
  • Making it possible for end-users to choose the right product for their installations, ensuring fewer failures while emitting less
  • Protecting and promoting virtuous producers through the GoodChips® trademark
  • Facilitating trade thanks to standardised quality classes, covering a major share of the products available on the European marketplace

Target group: Wood chip producers and traders, wood chip end-users and boiler manufacturers.

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 Cristina Calderón

Alessia Gaetani