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Recruiting and retaining qualified staff is one of the challenges facing many industries and the bioenergy sector is no exception. For the past few years, the skills gaps and shortage of engineers and well qualified workers have been widely reported. But which specific profiles are currently in demand , the companies looking and how to retain the qualified staff remain hot issues. KnowRES provides job intelligence to industry, candidates and academic and training institutions, while anaylsing the skills needed by the industry to ensure that the provided education and training courses are tailor-made to the sectors’ needs.


  • The project aimed at creating a Knowledge Centre for Renewable Energy Jobs (to be called KNOWRES Centre) as an online tool, which provides job intelligence to industry, job candidates, education and training actors, and other interested stakeholders in the area of renewable energy (with a focus on the power generation sector). By providing pertinent job intelligence, the project would lead to easing the skills gaps and shortage in the Renewable Energy Sector. It is estimated that, by the end of the project, around 100 suitably skilled candidates will be presented to interested companies.
  • Such a centre will be in charge of publishing regularly (once per year) an overall Renewable Energy Jobs barometer and several sectoral reports (mainly in electronic format) in the following technological areas: PV; solar thermal electricity; geothermal; biomass; ocean and small hydropower. The Knowledge Center will provide up-to-date job intelligence to the industry, academia and job applicants, and will identify areas where development of expertise and skills is further needed.

Target groups: Students, Academic, Training institutions, European Policy Makers

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Project Duration: 2014 – 2016