Bioenergy success stories

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Wood chips handbook

Angers, France

The real power of Italian cheeses

Treviso, Province of Treviso, Italy

Managing olive oil residues in Greece

Neo Psychiko, North Athens, Greece

Lucerne's Green Papers

Lucerne, Switzerland

Heating with used horse bedding?

Philippeville, Belgium

Firing up ceramics with biomass

Rua Outeiro do Seixo, Campelos, Portugal

FireCube: thinking bioenergy out of the box

Sainte-Hélène-du-Lac, France

Curing a gas addiction thanks to local biomass

Kaunas, Kaunas County, Lithuania

Biomass driving down heating costs

Kaunas, Kaunas County, Lithuania

Are forest fires inevitable ?

Serra, Valencia, Spain

Aduro creates smart fire

Hasselager, Denmark