Eco-design and labelling


The EU legislation on eco-design and energy labelling aims at improving the energy efficiency of products. It helps eliminate the least performing products from the market, contributing to the EU’s 2020 energy efficiency objective.

  • The Eco-design Directive provides consistent EU-wide rules for improving the environmental performance of products, such as household appliances, information and communication technologies or engineering. The Directive sets out minimum mandatory requirements for the energy efficiency of these products.
  • The Energy Labelling Directive may complement those ecodesign requirements with mandatory labelling requirements.

Biomass installations

When it comes to biomass installations, two groups of products are subject to eco-design requirements:

The directives impose energy efficiency requirements, as well as emission limit values for OGC, CO, NOx and PM.

The same groups of biomass products are subject to eco-labelling requirements:

Bioenergy Europe's position

Bioenergy Europe welcomes the legislation to limit certain pollutants and improve installation efficiency as the sector is committed and strongly involved in progress and innovation.