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Contrary to common belief, EU-28 forests have been steadily growing over the past decades. In 1990 European forests represented a total of 19,7 billion m3 . In 2015, EU-28 forests reached 26,5 billion m3 , meaning that forest stock increased by 32% over the last quarter of a century.


This growth is due to two main reasons: forest areas increasing (1) and a growth of standing volumes (2) : (1) According to Eurostat, EU-28 forest coverage gained 322.800 hectares every year, meaning that European forests are increasing by the size of a football field every minute. (2) On average, about 63% of the annual forest increment in Europe is actually felled, meaning that 38% of this annual increment remains in forests. The situation can vary from one country to another. Forest densification is more common in the Mediterranean region, in countries such as Italy, France, Spain, and Slovenia, where at least 40% of the annual increment remains untouched. Bioenergy can play a major role in combatting forest degradation, thanks to extra sources of income to forest owners, municipalities and governments to manage their forests sustainably in the long-run




The percentage of wood removal harvested for the purpose of wood energy increased softly from 18% in 2000 to 22% in 2016. This remains around one fifth of the total harvest in the EU-28, a situation comparable to the 90’s. At the same time the consumption of bioenergy has doubled in Europe. This shows that the energy sector is not the main driver for forest owners to mobilize their forest resources, and that the bioenergy sector relies mainly on wood by-products and other types of biomass.


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