Industrial Emissions Directive (IED)

Chapter III (with Annex V) of the Industrial Emission Directive sets out special provisions for certain pollutant emissions from combustion plants with a total rated thermal input equal to or greater than 50 MW, irrespective of the type of fuel used.

They represent the EU-wide "minimum requirements" for large combustion plants, which have replaced the LCP Directive (2001/80/EC) since 1 January 2016, and apply without prejudice to the provisions of Chapter II of the IED.

Limit values must be based on the Best Available Techniques (BAT). In order to define BAT, the Commission organises an exchange of information with experts from Member States, industry and environmental organisations. This process results in a BAT Reference Documents (BREFs); the BAT conclusions contained are adopted by the Commission as Implementing Decisions.

Discussions are currently taken place to revise the BAT for large combustion plants, which should apply starting 2021.