Every year since its debut in 2007, Bioenergy Europe's Statistical Report
has sought to provide readers with a comprehensive and timely overview
of the bioenergy sector in Europe.

Statistical Report 2017

Every year since its debut release in 2007, Bioenergy Europe’s Statistical Report has provided  an in-depth overview of the bioenergy sector in all EU28 Member States . Enriched each year with new figures and information, it gathers unique data on the developments of the European bioenergy market from a growing number of international contributors, helping the industry, decision makers, investors and all bioenergy professionals to understand the situation of bioenergy in Europe.

 With more than 150 graphs and figures , readers of the report can get accurate and up-to-date information on the EU energy system such as the final energy consumption of biomass for heat and electricity, the number of biogas plants in EU countries, the consumption and trade of pellets, the production capacity of biofuels and other key information to help break down and clarify the complexity of a sector in constant evolution.

This 300-page report has further been enriched in 2016 with an exhaustive analysis of the support schemes in place for biomass for heating, electricity and transport, covering all EU28 countries (>100 pages) and market forecasts based on past trends and the existing reality. Key data have been reviewed by key national experts in order to give the most accurate visions of how European bioenergy markets will evolve in the coming years.  In 2017, Bioenergy Europe's Statistical Report was awarded by the European Association Awards for being the “best Provision of Industry Information and Intelligence” , a recognition after a decade of collective work, showing stakeholders interest for this comprehensive and unique report.

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  • A folder with all Key Findings graphs in high resolution.

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