Open Letter – The Austrian Presidency of the EU Council, a driving force for Europe’s industrial leadership in renewables

On March 28th 2018, AEBIOM, together with 9 other european renewable energy associations, sent an open letter to Elisabeth Köstinger, Austria’s minister of sustainability and tourism, and Sebastian Kurz, the country’s Chancellor regarding the importance that the Austrian upcoming presidency of the European Council may have on the future of the Clean energy package. To back up the future of a competitive industry of renewable energy sources, the renewable energy coalition consider the following requirements as crucial:

  • Support ambitious and reliable targets of at least 35% renewable energy by 2030 and national commitments to create a stable environment for investments
  • Maintain priority access and dispatch for all existing installations, for small-scaleinstallations and demonstration projects post 2020, until power markets transition from a fossil and nuclear baseload to a renewable baseload
  • Support the uptake of self-consumption in Europe. It will be at the core of a consumerpowered Energy Union, and become an integral part of the future energy system driven by sector coupling, the uptake of electro-mobility and decentralization of our energy production
  • Defend the rigorous CO2-criterion of 550gCO2/kwh for capacity mechanisms to ensure that capacity markets do not maintain an inflexible power market, but instead guarantee the eligibility and reward of flexible renewable sources
  • Provide more visibility to renewable heating and cooling and define ambitious targets and policies for this crucial sector for the effective decarbonisation of the EU by 2050
  • Support a strong carbon price, providing the needed long-term signals for further investment and innovation in clean technologies in Europe

>>> Read the open letter here