Biomass represents more than half of the renewable energy sources (RES) consumption in Europe, a share that is expected to be maintained in 2020 and beyond. As such, sustainability is key to ensure the development of RES in Europe. To date, the discussions and decisions on biomass sustainability at EU-level are more focused on environmental aspects and less on social and economic aspects.

The role of biomass

While all renewable energy sources have to deal with environmental questions (impact of the installations, materials used to make equipment, etc.), sustainability is specific to the biomass sector because of higher political concerns, at first on biofuels for transport, and now on solid and gaseous biomass.

Bioenergy Europe's vision

Bioenergy Europe believes that sustainability is a major factor in the development of the bioenergy sector in Europe. The European bioenergy sector is willing to provide proof that its activities are in line with the respect of the environment.